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The following individuals were instrumental in breaking new ground in Hibiscus hybridization attempts. They are arranged in order of number of hybrids registered. An (*) before the name denotes having won a Best of Show award. A (+) before the name denotes having won a Best of Show in Category. HOTY before the name denotes having won Hibiscus of the Year Award. After each name is the total of registered hybrids and the name of each hybrid, followed by the parents in parenthesis. A special page was prepared for each hybridizer as a pictorial tribute to their work. Unfortunately, some of the registered hybrids are missing photos so could not be included. If you have one of the missing photos we would appreciate it if you would submit it to our WebMeister so it can be included.

Curt Sinclar- 125 hybrids registered

 Aimee's Toy (Old Medley x Unknown)
*Angel's Wings (Unknown x Unknown)
*Antique Treasure (Soft Touch x Unknown)
Aztec Shield (Unknown x Unknown)
Aztec Sun (Jazz x Unknwown)
Be My Valentine (Unknown xUnknown)
Betti Evans (Unknown x Unknown)
*Birthday Girl (Unknown x Unknown)
Black Velvet (Vicke x Wine Freeze)
 Blue Flags
Blue Ruffles
*Blue Lagoon (Blue Thunder x Unknown)
Blue Mist (Unknown x Unknown)
Blue Steel (Unknown x Unknown)
+Blue Thunder(Sinclar) (Unknown x Unknown)
Blueberry Hill
Brave Heart (Unknown x Unknown)
Broken Heart (Blue Bayou x Fourth of July)
Buckeye Colors (Unknown x Unknown)
Candy C (Unknown x Unknown)
Carmen Camera (Tylene x Dawn's Delight)
Carolyn's Halo (Mini Skirt x Unknown)
*Center Stage (Tammy Lou x Wallflower)
*Chads (Opening Act x Unknown)
Cloud Nine (Unknown x J.C. Colson)
Confederate Pride (Unknown x Unknown)
Erin Rachael (Great Pretender x Lagos)
Exotic Audumn (Unknown x Unknown)
+Exotic Audum
Exotic Eternal Flame (Lady Finger x Unknown)
Exotic Golden Halo (Unknown x Sun Shower)
+Exotic Lavender Lady (Lady Finger x Angel's Wings)
Exotic Party Girl (Lady Finger x Angel's Wings)
Exotic Peppermint
Exotic Snowman (Unknown x Unknown)
Exotic Soft Shoulders (Blue Mist x #422(Bimbo x Jazz))
+Exotic Solar Flare (Unknown x Unknown)
*Fall Harvest Unknown x UNknown)
Fine Wine
*For My Dad (Wallflower x Tammy Low)
*Fourth of July (Miss Liberty x Young Dreams)
Freedom Undaunted (Unknown x Unknown)
French Maiden
Fruit Loops (Unknown X Unknown)
Gator Pride (Unkown x Fifth Dimension)
Georgia's Peach
+Gold Dust (Unknown x Unknown)
Golden Anniversary (Hitchhiker x Sun Shower)
Golden Eye (Mr. Green Thumb x Sun Shower)
Golden Moments
+God's Grace
Gray Ghost
Harry Boris (Unknown x Unknown)
Hot Bikini
In Paradise (Little Elizabeth(Sinclair) x Olympic Torch)
Intense Passion (Unknown x Sun Shower)
+Irish Eyes
J.C. Colson (Sussie Jean x Martinique)
James Hendry Superstar
Jaime LaBelle (Unknown x Unknown)
Jami Lou (Mayaonred x Young Dreams)
*Jim Berry (aka Chocolate High) (Chico x Dragon's Breath)
Karen Lee (Unknown x Unknown)
Katlyn (Smokey Mountain x Dragon's Breath)
Lacy Pants (Mini Skirt x Pink Dawn)
Lady Finger (Unknown x Unknown)
+Lavender Puff (Grey Lady x Unknown)
Libby Smith (Unknown x Unknown)
Little Elizabeth(Sinclair) (Unknown x Unknown)
Little Teaser (Randrop x Unknown)
Magic Pumpkin (Blushing Romance x J.C. Colson)
Maralyn Wentzell (Lavender Lady x Blushing Romance)
Marie Amanda (Blushing Romance x Unknown)
Marilee Ross (Southern Belle x Tammy Faye)
Marilyn Quayle (Foe Pete's Sake x Tammy Faye)
Mary Poppins
Mata Cape (Fiesta x Unknown)
Maudie B (Florida Passion x Unknown)
Mike Hudson (Mayaonred x Tammy Faye)
*Millenium Superstar (Unknown x J.C. Colson)
*Miss Barbara Ann (Sheba x Unknown)
+Miss Vermont
Molten Lava (Unknown x Sun Shower)
Mr. Green Thumb (Wallflower x Unknown)
Ocean Spray
Ole Yeller (Unknown x Unknown)
*Olympic Torch (Toronto x Unknown)
On Fire (Lagos x Olympic Torch)
*Ora Verde (Unknown x Unknown)
*Orange Punch (Toronto x IM1)
Peanut Butter
Peppermint Cloud (Lavender Ice x Amber Suzanne)
+Petra (sport of Erin Rachael)
Pink Chiffon (Softly Spoken x Jazz)
+Pink Frosting
*Pink Petticoat (Montego Bay x Carrie Ann)
+Pink Snowflake (145 x J.C. Colson)
*Plum Pudding (Unknown x Unknown)
Poo Bear (S. Lady x Angel's Wings)
*Powdered Sugar (sport of Marilyn Wentzell)
Prince Henry (Unknown x Unknown)
+Purple Goddess
Raspberry Swirl
*Red Snapper (Miss Liberty x Amber Suzanne)
Road Kill (Confederate Pride x Jazz)
Romantic Dream (sport of Milenium Superstar)
Rose Colored Glasses
Royal Flags
+Rusty Nail (Wallflower x Unknown)
Seminole Pride
Shadow Dancer Unknown x Unknown)
*Smokey Mountain (Topaz Glory x Unknown)
+Soft Cloud (Unknown x Unknown)
+Soft Touch(Sinclair) (Raindrop x Oddity)
Solar Heat
*Space Ship (Unknown x Unknown)
Sun Kissed
 *Sun Shower (Lagos x Blushing Romance)
T.J. (Unknown x Unknown)
Tiger's Paw (Unknown x Unknown)
Wedding Bouquet (Mount Shasta x Unknown)
Woody Watson (#145 x J.C. Colson)
*Yellow Fringes (Unknown x Unknown)

Carlos and Nola Reynolds- registered hybrids

Anna Lynn(Unknown x Unknown)
Artic Surprise (Unknown X Unknown)
*Dancing Fire (Magician's Hat x Rebellious Spirit)
Emkat (Umknown x Unknown)
Flo Belle (Bunga Raja x Flower Power)
Gold Fire (Gourmet x Bimbo)
Happy Moments (Bungo Raya x Janys)
It's So Easy (Sun Shower x Samuel Dubin)
Last Date (Unknown x Unknown)
Lost Fortune (Misfire x Wheel of Fortune)
Lost Love (Handsome Stranger x Maralyn Wentzell)
Louisiana Flash (Cajun Surprise x Rojana)
Lovely To Look At (Lovely Lil x Murray Delauter)
Mahogany Star (Orville Davis x Rojana)
Mejor (Unknown x Unknown)
Metallic Eye (Summer Blush x Jazz)
Missbehavin (Show and Tell x Ed Flory)
Missed It (Sweet Violet x Sweetheart)
My Mistake (Pro Legato x Tubize)
Orange Puff (Toronto x Ed Flory)
Pink Exit (Bella Blanco x Cora Kenzler)
Pink Melody (Grand Hyatt x Dixie Delight)
Royal Crown
Sassy Sassi (Dixie Delight x Sassi)
Saxon T (Unknown x Unknown)
Seaweed (Misfire x Magician's Hat)
See T.K. (Gourmet x Bimbo)
Simply Elegant (Summer Blush x Dixie Delight)

Soft Shoulders
Spirit of Liberty (Miss Liberty x Rebellious Spirit)
Sunrise Star (Ruth Watson x Bimbo)
Sweet E (Sweetheart x Alii Ui)
Tag Team (Capstrano x Red Baron)
Think Pink (Unknown x Unknown)
Wild Fire (Magician's Hat x Eva Paoloni)

James E. Hendry Jr.- 55 hybrids registered

Altus (Unknown x Unknown)
Apricot (Hendry) (Unknown x Unknown)
Betty Hendry (Unknown x Unknown)
Butterball (Unknown x Unknown)
Buttercup (Hendry) (Unknown x Unknown)
Caloosahatchee (Unknown x Unknown)
Carnation (Unknwon x Unknown)
Coccinea (Unknown x Unknown)
Double Pom Pom White (Unknown x Unknown)
Double Psyche (Unknown x Unknown)
Double Yellow 10 (Unknown x Unknown)
Dionne (Unknown x Unknown)
Dolores (Unknown x Unknown)
Dolores del Rio (Halo Blue x Subviolaceous)
Edith Bass (Unknown x Unknown)
Eleanor Bass (Unknown x Unknown)
Everglades Nursery (Unknown x Unknown)
Everglades Orange (Unknown x Unknown)
Extra Pale Pink (Unknown x Unknown)
Fort Myers Yellow (Unknown x Unknown)
Hawaiian Double Yellow (Unknown x Unknown)
Hawaiian Gold (Hendry) (Unknown x Unknown)
Hawaiian Sx (Unknown x Unknown)
Helen Johnson (Unknown x Unknown)
Hendry Y-11 (Unknown x Unknown)
Hendry's Extra Pale Pink (Unknown x Unknown)
Hendry's Single Orange (Unknown x Unknown)
Hendry's Tall Light Pink (Unknown x Unknown)
Jane Withers (Unknown x Unknown)
Leanorre (Unknown x Unknown)
Mahogany (Halo Blue x Dolores del Rio)
Mollie Hendry (Unknown x Unknown)
Moon (Unknown x Unknown)
Moon Glow (Unknown x Unknown)
Mrs. A.P. Courvoisier (Unknown x Unknown)
Mrs. James E. Hendry (H. immaculatus x Double Halekulani)
Mrs. Kinzie (Unknown x Unknown)
Mrs. Lucy Belcher (Unknown x Unknown)
Mrs. Thomas A. Edison (Unknown x Unknown)
Mrs. W.W. White (Unknown x Unknown)
*Myrna Loy (Halo Blue x Mrs. James E. Hendry)
Naples (Unknown x Unknown)
Peggy Hendry (Mrs. Earl Anthony x Sport)
Pom Pom White (Unknown x Unknown)
Shirley Temple (Hendry) (Unknown x Unknown)
Spanish Red (Unknown x Unknown)
Stella Lykes (Unknown x Unknown)
Sungold (Mrs. Earl Anthony x Sport)
Susan Hendry (Unknown x Unknown)
Tall Light Pink (Unknown x Unknown)
Tangerine (Hendry) (Unknown x Unknown)
Vincen Hong (Unknown x Unknown)
Yellow #10 (Unknown x Unknown)
Yellow Gold (Unknown x Unknown)
Yellow Moon (Unknown x Unknown)

Dale Dubin- 48 registered hybrids

Allegory (Orchid Wings x Silver Anniversary)
*Amanda Dubin (Superstar x Norman lee)
Antique Gold (Frosted Copper x Montego Bay)
Blazin' Bloomers (The Path x Atheline)
Body Heat (Wally's Yellow x Sheba)
Bora Bora (Orange Magic x Tropicanna)
*Byron Metts (Great White x Cherry Blossom)
Can't Elope (Captain Dave x Joanne Boulin)
Colossus (Rocky II x Lorraine)
Cyn's Riddle (Amanda Dubin x Dragon's Breath)
HOTY 2000 *Dragon's Breath (Bonnie B x Blushing Romance)
Easy Street (Fredie Brubaker x Lovely Lill)
Free Spirit (Elderberry x Joyce Conrad)
Grand Hyatt (Great White x Kari Woodengown)
Heavy Hitter (Golden Platter x Not lately)
Hoosiers (Starfish x Coconut Ice)
Hot T' Trot (Montego Bay x Lovely Lill)
*Irene Collins (Toronto x Angel's Kiss)
Jazzy Belle (The Path x Wally's Red)
John Hibuchus (Bonnie B x Murray Delauter)
Kathleen Dubin (Mr. Lee x Lovely Lill)
Leisa Zigman (Kari Woodengown x Tammy Faye)
Lord's Prayer (Status Symbol x Kari Woodengown)
Martha Dubin (Montego Bay x Silver Anniversary)
Maureen's Mystique (Wally's Yelow x Amber Suzanne)
Mesmerizer (Cheo x Toronto)
Murph (Orange Magic x Bonnie B)
No Catchy Name (Miss Libetrty x Montego Bay)
Occam's Razor (Silver Anniversary x Not Lately)
Party Dress (Dubin) (Cheo x Janys)
Pastel Aura (Kari Woodengown x Carol Leigh)
Rich Red (Cheo x Cherry Smash)
Robert Halgrim (Orange Magic x Unknown)
Roxy (Freddie Brubaker x Murray Delauter)
*Ruth Watson (Great White x Joanne Boulin)
*Samuel Dubin (Lucille x Unknown)
Shazam! (Leisa Zigman x Blushing Romance)
Shooby-Do-Bop-Shoowah (Golden Platter x Bonnie B)
Siobhan Mantell Kari Woodengown x Silver Anniversary)
Space Travel (Unknown x Unknown)
Special Fx (The Path x Atheline)
Spring Song (Dubin) (Great White x Lovely Lill)
Sugar Lips (Carol Leigh x Joanne Boulin)
Tahiti Sweetie (Tropicana x Lovely Lill)
Tamibon (Tammy Faye x Bonnie B)
Violet Sarosi (Elderberry x Joyce Conrad)
Whipt Butta (Great White x Lovely Lill)
Whisky Business (Bryan Broughton x Lovely Lill)
Zipody Doodah (Silver Anniversary x Unknown)

Woody W. Watson- 39 registered hybrids

A (All Aglow x Orchid White (McConnell))
B (All Aglow x Orchid White (McConnell))
Baby (Unknown x Unknown)
Baly (Unknown x Unknown)
Bayou X-tra (Bojangles x Blue Bayou)
Big Kath (Kathy x Big Apple)
Blue Twig (Twiggy x Blue Bayou)
Bojangles (Miss Liberty x Sheba)
Burnie Jack (Burnshed Gold x Yellow Jack)
Burnt Gold (Murray Delauter x Burnished Gold)
Caramel Ice (Joanne Boulin x Herm Geller)
Chili Pepper (Honey Do x Big Apple)
Do Great (Great White x Honey Do)
Fancy Heart (Murray Delauter x Katherine)
Hot Spur (Tylene x Pride of Hankins)
Joanne's Yellow (Joanne Delauter x Kinchen's Yellow)
Libby Belle (Miss Liberty x Southern Belle)
Lucky Lee (Tear Drop x Jimmie Monroe)
Misty Star (Murray Delauter x Katherine)
Orange Bomb (Honey Do x Big Apple)
*Peach Basket (Blue Bayou x Maxine Zimmerman)
Pekoe (Honey Do x Big Apple)
Picot (Mayaonred x Jim Hendry)
Pink Flame (Honey Do x Lady Adele)
Pinky Belle (Miss Liberty x Southern Belle)
Plum Lite (Starry Days x Bali Hi)
Plum Royale (Twiggy x Blue Bayou)
Red Rooster (Burnished Gold x Summer Sun)
Red Wave (Blue Bayou x Big Apple)
Silverado (Unnamed x Lady Adelle)
Sombero (Mr. Floton x Brown Eye)
Tammy's Tears (Tammy Faye x White Cloud)
Tandem (Miss Liberty x Lady Adele)
Wally Dee (Murray Delauter x Wally's Yellow)
Wanda (Watson) (Honey Do x Lady Adele)
White Heat ( Joanne Boulin x Kinchen's Yellow)
White Honey (Great White x Honey Do)
Woody's 1421 (Unknown x Unknown)
Yankee Dancer (Gordy's Yankee x Cloud Dancer)

Bob and Wendy Collins- 29 registered hybrids

Attention Getter (Adam x Red Snapper)
Bonita Springs (Fourth of July x Gerald Derr)
Bonnie Collins (Erica Nicole x Byron Metts)
Brandon Stratton (Chocolate Mousse x Irene Collins)
Carmen McCall (Gold Nugget x Bedroom Eyes)
Caviar (Pond Scum x Silver Memories)
Crocodile Tears (Trademark x Ed Flory)
David Brown (Burnished Gold x Adam)
Gemstone (Gold Nugget x Red Beauty)
Harry Collins (2-2 Yellow x Tropicana)
Hulkamania (Gerald Derr x Razzle Dazzle)
Jordan Stratton (Amber Suzanne x Gerald Derr)
Precious Moments (Barbie x Antique Treasure)
Pride of Collins (sport of Pride of Hankins)
Pure Heaven (Gerald Derr x Raspberry Lace)
Pyramid (Amber Suzanne x Gerald Derr)
Quarter Ponderr (Pond Scum x Gerald Derr)
Rainbow's Treasure (Rainbow Christie x Berried Treasure)
Rock Candy (Noah Stratton x Amanda Dubin)
Sneak Preview (Barbie x Paprika)
Storm Surge (Fourth of July x Orville Davis)
Sun Catcher (Fourth of July x John Christopher)
Sure Winner (Jane Flory x Ed Flory)
Sweet Surrender (Amber Suzanne x Trademark)
Tirey (Halloween Party x Ed Flory)
Tom Collins (Splendiferous x Gerald Derr)
Tye Dye (Pond Scum x Antique Treasure)
Verla (Sheba x Big Apple)
*Wild Blueberry (Blue Bayou x Adam)

Wally Broughton- 27 registered hybrids

Bobbie B (Crimson Ray x Tabasco)
*Bonnie B (Crimson Ray x Tabasco)
Bryan Broughton (Red Bomb x Alii Ui)
Captain Dave (Sheba x Gold Coast City)
Caroline Wilson (Gold x Evelyn Howard)
Cindy Hall (Adam X Caroline Wilson)
Desert Storm (Broughton) (Crimson Ray x Tabasco)
Gail McNeil (Melissa Morrison x Big Apple)
Irma Jean (Sheba x Gold Coast City)
Jo Marie (Bryan Broughton x Unknown Seedling)
Joe B (Yellow Lace x Captain Dave)
Juanta B (Melissa Morrison x Big Apple)
Julie Morrison (Tabasco x Gold Coast City)
Katie B (Adam x Gold Coast City)
Katie B II (Lena Parks x Bonnie B)
Katie Broughton (Lynn Stacey x Tabasco)
Lucille (Crimson Ray x Tabasco)
Marcy (Sheba x Cloud Dancer)
Mary Sturter (Bonnie B x Lena Parks)
Melissa Morrison (Lynn Stacey x Tabasco)
Miss Ettie (Cookie x Sport)
Oliver Broughton (Crimson Ray x Tabasco)
Pinwheel (Broughton) (Red Bomb x All Aglow)
Roanne MacMurtrie (Adam x Tabasco)
Rosa Russell (Sheba x Cloud Dancer)
 Terry F (Yellow Lace x Bryan Broughton)
Wally's Yellow (Adam x Gold Coast City)

Gary and Donna Schneider- 25 registered hybrids

Admiral Hensel (Grey Lady x Unknown)
Anna Sue (Lemon Rays x Mystic Charm)
Audey (Jack III x Norman Lee)
Autumn's Kiss (Unknown x Unknown)
Bashfull Barb (All Aglow x Cloud Dancer)
Char Kay (Grey Lady x Unknown)
Chocolate Cherries (Maralyn Wentzell x Lovely Lill)
Crantastic (Sheba x Lovely Lill)
Daisy Lea (All Aglow x Cathy)
Fat Chance (All Aglow x Miss North Miami)
Fluffer Nutter (Cathy x Black Knight)
Hot Lill (Hot Paprika x Lovely Lill)
Jess (Susan Bogart x Cathy)
Lovely Lill (Susan Bogart x Cathy)
Lucky Adam (Mayaonred x Lagos)
Mango Madness (Montego Bay x Black Knight)
Mango Mania (Sunshower x Lovely Lill)
Peek-A-Boo (Sheba x Black Knight)
Peppermint Star (Lemon Rays x Big Apple)
Pine Island Sunset (Wallflower x Black Knight)
Raspberry Lace (Sheba x Lovely Lill)
Shadow Not (Topaz Glory x Wallflower)
Surf Song (Honey Do x Lovely Lill)
Volcano (Mayaonred x Lagos)

Roane MacMurtrie- 12 regstered hybrids

Allegro (Mini Skirt x Peggy Ann)
Jig (The Pearl x Samantha Chappel)
Julianna (Grace Goo x Unknown)
Kari 100 (Renee x Asato 154)
Kari Woodengown (Renee x Asato 154)
Orphan (MacMurtrie) (Unknown x Unknown)
Pink Unicorn (Mary Esytrella x Cyclops)
Pygmalion (Mni Skrt x Peggy Ann)
Sara Bande (Mini Skirt x Daniel D. Wolfe)
Sonnet (Mini Skirt x Peggy Ann)
Spindrift (Unknown x Unknown)
The Hobbit (Raindrop x Painted Lady)

Gordon A. Fore- 11 registered hybrids

Bali Hi (Winn Doxsee x John Tipton)
Berne Davis (Cathy x Big Sister)
HOTY 1979 *Blooming Blazes (All Aglow x Colorama)
Electra (Mary Wallace x All Aglow)
Lynn Estelle (Cathy x Cerise Beauty)
Miss Debbie (Winn Doxsee x Cathy)
Raindrop (Unknown x Unknown)
Red River Valley (Sakaetani Red x All Aglow)
Sugar and Spice (Red Dragoo x Anna Wissner)
Sunny Day (Winn Doxsee x Veronica)
Tenderly (Winn Doxsee x New Crepe Pink)

Helen Sanders- 10 registered hybirds

Bea-Bob (Unknown x Unknown)
Jessie Sanders (Tear Drop x Unknown)
Jaimie Elizabeth Sanders (Grey Lady x Unknown)
My 3 Jacks (Scarlet Giant x Unknown)
Rickey Moore (Scarlet Giant x Unknown)
Sanibel Red Seedling (Sanibel Red Queen x Unknown)
Sport of Mary Morgan
Uncle Dud (Unknown x Unknown)
Virginia Welsh (Unknown x Unknown)
Dusty Rose (Sanders) (Scarlet Giant x Unknown)

John Cocolis- 4 registered hybrids

Cape Coral Belle (Phydeaux x Red Snapper)
Fruitango (Smokey Mountain x Red Snapper)
Stella (Cocolis) (Sunshowers x Antique Treasure)
Stormy Rainbow (Rainbow Christie x Mood Indgo)

Fern Betancourt - 3 registered hybrids
Curt's Gift
Cat's Paw
Char's Delight (unknown x unknown)

Ray Sands- 3 registered hybrids

Leigha Hunt (Kari Woodengown x Harvest Moon)
Mila Pottinger (Young Dreams x Tammy Faye)
Speckles (Young Dreams x Tammy Faye)

Ralph Philo- 3 registered hybrids

Boliva (Ruffled Beauty x Unknown)
Camelot (Margie (Seminole) x Buttercup)
Little Honey (Philo) (Debutante x Debutante)