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2013 Annual Show


                       JAMES E HENDRY CHAPTER
                          62ND ANNUAL HIBISCUS
                          SHOW AND PLANT SALE
                            SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013
                              Araba Shriners Center
                               2010 Hanson Street
                               Ft Myers, FL 33901

                              2013 SHOW WINNERS

                       BEST OF SHOW BLOOMS:


        Single:                   Double:                Miniature:               Seedling:
Wanda Schmoyer    Bill Wollschleger      Nancy Kopp        Carlos Reynolds
    Creole Belle          Wild Blueberry      Hurricane Lily           Infactuation
    Amateur Single            Amateur Double           Collector Single            Collector Double
       Eldora Nagel                Robert Butcher               Nancy Kopp   Jack Bernatz/Charlotte Harff
       High Voltage                  Bayou Rose                    Creole Lady                    Bayou Rose
Open Collector Single  Open Collector Double  Commercial Single    Commercial Double
Connie & Fred Roush  Connie & Fred Roush Unbelievable Hibiscus Unbelievable Hibiscus
         Storm Front             Marianne Charlton         Pushpa Suresh              Culture Shock
                                  Miniature Single                       Miniature Double
                                     Nancy Kopp                         Jim & Mary Bridges
                                   Bonaire Wind                               Rocket Man
Seedling Regular Single       Seedling Miniature Single      Seedling Miniature Double
     Exotic Hibiscus                     Connie & Fred Roush                  Hibiscus Harbor
       Baby Carson                                Fiery Orange                                580-08B
                   Sweepstakes - Amateur          Sweepstakes - Collector
                                 Dawn Sigins                               Nancy Kopp  
                                 Gator Magic                                 Love Song
               Sweepstakes - Open Collector    Sweepstakes - Commercial
                       Connie & Fred Roush                    Carlos Reynolds
                           Jolanda Gommer                        Double Trouble
                                          Supplier of Plants for our Sale:
                                         Unbelievable Hibiscus Nursery
                                  Don Mixon, Owner - Wesley Chapel, FL.
              PHOTOS FROM OUR JUNE 2, 2013 SHOW 
    Clockwise from 11 o'clock and L-R:  Penny Rose and Curt Sinclair;
David Platz and Sigi Steinle; Eileen Platz and Edith Steinle; Don Mixon;
     Paul Watson, Kathi Lurie, and Clint Oster; Karen Courtright and
              Carlos Reynolds; Calvin Lloyd and Frank Heffernan;  Center:
   Judging in progress behind where winning blooms will be displayed. 
            Chapter President Wanda Schmoyer,                           Barbara Oster and Pat LaCoste
               Joyce Comingore and Diane Kay                                   with Eldora Nagel in front
                   Dawn Sigins and Fred Roush                                 Douglas Gibson and Nancy Kopp
    Rita Hall, Jim Courtright and Cheryl Johnson                Ann Wollschleger and Jack Bernatz
             Calvin & Ann Lloyd and Kay Jansen                             Bill Bryan and Charlotte Harff

To watch the video: http://tropicalhibiscus.com/2013Hendry/2013hendry.html